The Shocking Truth from the frontlines of
American Public Education
By John Owens
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Will non-English-speaking students start speaking English because their teachers were fired? Will children come to school ready to learn because their teachers were fired?

Since we can't fire poverty, we can't fire students, and we can't fire families, all that is left is to fire teachers.

—Diane Ravitch
Former Assistant Secretary of Education
Author of The Death and Life of the 
Great American School System:
How Testing and Choice are 
Undermining Education

 An explosive new look at the pressures on today’s

teachers and the pitfalls of school reform,


presents a passionate appeal to save

public school education, before it’s too late.


When John Owens left a lucrative publishing job to teach English at a public school in New York City’s South Bronx, he thought he could do some good. Instead, he found an educational maelstrom that robs students of real learning to improve school statistics at any cost, cons parents and taxpayers into thinking their children are being educated, and demonizes its own support system: the teachers.

The situation has gotten to the point where the phrase “Bad Teacher” is almost interchangeable with “Teacher”. And Owens found himself labeled just that when the teaching methods that were inspiring his students didn’t meet with the reform mandates.

With first-hand accounts from teachers across the country and practical tips for improving public schools, Confessions of a Bad Teacher is an eye-opening exposé of the dire state of American education and galvanizing call-to-action to embrace our best educators and incite real reform for our children’s futures. 

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